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Valued Partners

It is with pride that we introduce our valued partners that each continue to play an important role either as a product provider to Astute or as distributor of the Astute product. You are invited to learn more about these valued partners by clicking on their respective logos.
Altrisk Discovery Life

Astute provides an invaluable interface for disseminating information on Altrisk policies to the financial advisors looking after our clients in a cost effective and efficient manner.


Elite Wealth Discovery Invest

Elite Wealth has incorporated Astute to offer the synergy of a web-based solution. This ensures real, state of the art consolidated reporting and financial planning. Sophistication simplified.

At the core of all our solutions is a passion for providing opportunities for you to build a strong financial base for your clients, and a commitment to help you achieve their goals. By partnering with Astute, Discovery Invest is able to provide advisers with added support by offering their clients more certainty, more value and more flexibility through this resource.


The Astute platform will assist with Absa Life’s continuous efforts to improve the experience of customers. Astute enables advisers to provide comprehensive and quality advice to clients, something which Absa Life will continue to support as we move to deliver our range of products through this channel

Ecrm is a proprietary client relationship management and financial needs analysis tool, developed for the exclusive use of Efficient Advise accredited brokers. Through its seamless integration with Astute’s leading information technology systems, Efficient Advise is able to provide an end to end financial planning and management solution to our valued clients. Efficient Advise is a subsidiary of Efficient Financial Holdings Limited

FIA NedGrouP

Nedgroup Life, Nedbank’s Insurance Company, in  collaboration with Astute, provides a real-time interface for financial planners to obtain policy information. This is an essential tool that enables financial planners to provide complete and effective advice to  both existing and potential clients.

Liberty Life Metropolitan



Momentum Old Mutual

Astute provides a platform for Momentum to supply Financial Advisers with up to the minute information. The Astute platform allows for seamless integration with Financial Adviser software, based on International standards.

Old Mutual is proud to be associated with Astute, both as a shareholder and as a provider of client portfolio information to the Intermediary Community

Masthead Profida

Masthead is a professional association for independent financial advisors. Established in 2004, Masthead has grown a national footprint to become the leading support network for independent financial advisors who want to remain independent, comply with regulatory requirements and grow their practice into a sustainable, successful business.

PROFIDA is a certified Astute-partner since May 2002. With just one click of the mouse PROFIDA connects to the Astute website and downloads clients' policy information directly into PROFIDA.

Data is retrieved and processed for portfolio schedules, financial planning, commission administration, data mining and bulk mail merge.

PROFIDA is the first software suite which is offered either as desktop, web-based or as combined solution.

Sanlam Iress

Sanlam fully supports initiatives that benefit the life insurance industry and Astute is seen as the vehicle to facilitate such benefits amongst the different role players through standardisation.

Iress, previously branded Spotlight Wealth Management has a strategic partnership with Astute since 1 December 2001. This relationship revolutionised the way policy data is retrieved for Financial Planning purposes. Originally focusing on the Spotlight product set and more recently providing integration to our web offering Xplan, our partnership allows greater productivity through substantial business efficiencies for our clients.

atWORK Standard Bank

atWORK has been in partnership with Astute since 2001. Together, through our web-based platform, we provide Financial Advisors with a secure, simplistic and effective planning and practice management tool.

Accredinet PSG Konsult

By making use of Astute, Accredinet, a significant role player within the Financial Services Industry, can provide a professional, comprehensive and accurate financial solution, tailored to the specific needs of their clients.

Avalon FPI

Fintelligence Business Systems offers Avalon Suite, a comprehensive web based business and financial needs analyses tool to financial advisors. Through an integrated Astute service we are able to deliver fast, reliable and convenient access to a client’s policy information that integrates seamlessly into the financial needs analyses


  STANLIB has recognised that Intermediaries have moved toward improved professionalism and best practice management. They understand the need for their affiliated intermediaries to have easy access to client data across product providers.

Sygnia launched in 2003 and is today the second largest multi-manager company in South Africa, with assets under management of over R90 billion and clients in South Africa, the UK and the US. Sygnia offers both investment products and stand-alone investment administration. Our business is underpinned by leading-edge technologies which include our main administration platform, Sygnia Platinum; the institutional internet-based software, Sygnia Platinum Light; and the latest addition, Sygnia Alchemy. Alchemy has been developed to cater for individual investors and their financial advisors. Clients can analyse their investment needs, and access and holistically manage their investments and financial information, including information available via Astute. Alchemy is a revolutionary approach to accurately planning for the future.


  Futuresight is a comprehensive financial planning suite developed with ease of use in mind for advisors. Through its seamless integration with Astute’s information technology systems, Futuresight is able to provide an end to end financial planning and relationship management solution to our valued clients. .